Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Updating PBL Session 1 (What I do not like about this PBL session?)

- It might reveal a ‘silent’ members that not interest and less commitment involved in group discussion.
- Get the passive member group so that when group   discussion will be a bored session.

Updating PBL Session 1 (What I like about this PBL session?)

  •      We can change the knowledge about the studies case. We also can ask question directly to our team members what we not understand so that they can share information directly.
  •     It can gain more ideas within members when solving the case problem.
  •     Increase confident level of each member especially to the Group Leader that can improve their leadership.

Updating PBL Session 1 (What I do not know about this case/problem?)

  • I forgot about what Point of Sales although I know I already learn it in previous semester.
  • One of the tools available to facilitate the system development process is Computer Aided Software Engineering ( CASE ).How does CASE facilitate the system development process.
  • I not understand about feasibility studies because sometimes it very subjectives to reveal and settle the problems.

    Updating PBL Session 1 (What I Know about this case/problem? )

    There is a Steering Committee meeting at Pahang Electronics Sdn Bhd chair by Project Manager, Encik Azhar because CEO, Aiman had to meet Dato’Darwisy regarding Mega Sales at Bukit Jalil. In the meeting all department managers had to explain any problem in their department to revamp Information Technology of each department in Pahang Electronics Sdn Bhd. Kurniadi Muhtar who was a new appointed System Analysts has to study & reveal the problem to improve Information Technology in the company.